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Deaf Beautiful is a hearing aid jewellery collection created by Samantha Baines and Deafmetal. Samantha is an award-winning comedian, actress, podcaster and bestselling author. She is deaf, wears one hearing aid and is a celebrity ambassador for the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID). This collection was inspired by her one hearing aid so each hearing aid piece comes with a matching earring. If you have two hearing aids just buy two!


Samantha and Deafmetal are deaf creators and love being able to adorn hearing aids with beautiful and practical jewellery. Each piece is not only stunning but it secures your hearing aid to your ear using Deafmetal Holsters, which can be used with all models of behind the ear hearing aids. 

There are four designs in the collection and they are all available to buy on the Deafmetal website (link below):

Drape: Samantha’s favourite piece for a night out partying, with interchangeable silver and gold-tone chains, the piece can be lengthened or shortened to your neck line. 

Irish Promise: Samantha’s family live in Ireland and the nod to a shamrock in this design makes her think of home. 

Dazzle: We all need a bit of bling in our lives and this beautiful diamanté design sparkles as you wear it.

Natural Beauty: Samantha’s perfect everyday hearing aid jewellery piece that will add a spring to your step.

Prices range from £30-62

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