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Samantha Baines calls herself a 'Joy Facilitator' because bringing smiles and joy is what she loves to do! An award-winning comedian, she injects humour to everything she does including her speaking events, which include anecdotes from filming The Crown, Call the Midwife and working with Channing Tatum on Magic Mike Live. She has been booked for international, charity and corporate events, online events, award ceremonies, film panels and festivals as a speaker and/or host. She regularly hosts Q and A's for the BFI and has spoken about her hearing loss and tinnitus at the House of Commons.

Samantha can talk on many subjects including courage, overcoming obstacles, positivity, divorce, bisexuality, acting/tv/film, writing, comedy, hearing loss/deafness/hearing aids. 

Samantha appears regularly on BBC Radio (Radio 4, Radio 2, Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio London) as a guest  and a cover presenter on BBC Radio London. She also hosts her own smash-hit, award-winning interview podcast The Divorce Social.


Watch Samantha Baines' TV appearances as a comedian and activist, including Sky News, Andrew O'Neil's This Week, ITV's Loose Women, BBC Inside Out and even GB News.

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